About the Adventurers’ Guild comic

Adventurers’ Guild is an action/drama sprite comic stylized like a classic role-playing video game. It focuses on a group of adventurers tasked with various quests.

Many people have problems, and many people need heroes to solve them. The Adventurers’ Guild offers the service of letting people in need send requests in order to hire these heroes for their specific task! If you have problems with orc invasions, they’ll send someone over to stop them! Is a spirit haunting your house? No worries! Klaus Warrington and his small clan are great adventurers, who are always looking for work. Join in on the adventure today!

About the Author

All art and writing for Adventurers’ Guild is produced by Phillip “Guildmaster Phill” MacArthur. Not only does Phill have a Bachelor’s in English, Writing Concentration degree, but he got that education in order to improve his writing of projects like Adventurers’ Guild. Out of all the various writing and art project he has taken, Adventurers’ Guild is the one he has put the most effort into… so, hopefully you’ll enjoy it and that effort won’t be wasted on him!