Episode 17 done, Letters, Convention!

Episode 17, which frankly marks a turning point for the whole series into more dark and serious tones, is now complete! I hope you enjoyed. As I mentioned in the page description, if you’re liking Adventurers’ Guild so far, please consider becoming a patron. Once I reach 33 patrons, I’ll start uploading pages THREE times… Read more »

Notice of delay

Hello. I’ll be unable to upload a page on Tuesday, but Friday will be fine. Just a quick one upload skip. I hate to do this in the middle of such dramatic dialogue, but I have little choice. I’ll be somewhere with no access to internet at the time. See you on Friday!

We need your Letters!

Community announcement! I’m bringing back a tradition from the hand-drawn comic in order to increase community involvement: Quest letters, as they are seen on the first page of any given episode, will now be hand-written. Gives it more of a personal touch. And even more so personal, the readers can participate and get a shoutout… Read more »

Tournament wind-down

The Tournament is over, and that’s another episode for the books! I must say, doing fight scenes take way more time on my part–just making sure the continuity works–and episode 16 was full of them! I hope you enjoyed. As mentioned in the description of that last page, I will be taking a 3 week… Read more »

Results of the Second Fan Art Contest!

Alright! The fan art contest is OVER! My judgement has been passed, and votes have been cast for the tie, and below are the entries and results. First, thank you to everyone who entered! I loved getting the messages that a new entry was ready, and see other peoples’ take on the prompt. Let’s take… Read more »

Fan Art Contest Judgement event on Discord

Alright, the Fan Art contest submission period is closed, and it is almost time to announce the winners! I had been intending to do all the judging behind the scenes and announce the winners, but well, I’ve actually already finished my judging of the contest entries, but as the point distribution fell, it became pretty… Read more »

Second Adventurers’ Guild Fanart Contest!

Adventurers’ Guild fanart contest #2! Dates: March 26th – April 30th Theme: Adventure. Draw a scene that features at least one Adventurers’ Guild character. This picture must portray a sense of adventure! Use the word as inspiration! The scene does NOT have to be canon to the comic. Feel free to draw a car trip… Read more »

Uploads resume on March 14th

Hello! I announced this on a few places online yesterday, but yes, as the title of this blog says, Adventurers’ Guild uploads will be resuming on Tuesday March 14th, midnight release as usual. (Or if you think of that as Wednesday instead, sure.) Thank you for bearing with me during this hiatus–on the production end… Read more »

Break Announcement

A while ago, I was talking with my sister Mary, the author/artist of the webcomic Paper Doll Veronika, about various webcomic managing stuff. In addition, I was venting about the standard time demands of being an adult, being a parent, and all such stuff. It’s frustrating when you are inspired to write or do art,… Read more »

Missed update! + Cute paint project

Hey, so, on the last page’s description 11/15/22, I mentioned that I might not be able to upload Friday’s page. I was right! I was on a camping trip with no access to computer or internet (that was the point, you see.) I usually try to schedule these things around updates or make provisions, but… Read more »

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