Name: Klaus Warrington

Race: Half-elf

Class: Soldier

Hometown: Stonewing

Weapons: Two-handed sword, Rapier, Minor magic


Bio: Klaus is an independent, outgoing swordsman. He wanted to be an adventurer since he was a child, and moved from his home town to Knolton to do just that. He has a natural knack for magic, but he never really took advantage of that or studied magic much.

Name: Li McCraven

Race: Human

Class: Sorceror

Hometown: Unknown

Weapons: Magic staff, Knife, Advanced magic


Bio: Not much is known about this mysterious young man, but he has a great talent for magic and a great loyalty toward Klaus’ adventuring clan. He is very intelligent, quiet, and diligent in completing quests.

Name: Myra Lazuli

Race: Nemian

Class: Cleric

Hometown: Den

Weapons: Sword & shield, Claws, Intermediate magic


Bio: A run-away from the small Nemian village of Den, Myra was struggling to survive among humans on her own. She has trust issues, and rarely lets anyone get close to her. She has a passion for the study of magic.

Name: Cedric Shishioh

Race: Human

Class: Martial artist

Hometown: Jishin

Weapons: Empty-handed way, Bo staff


Bio: A hot-headed young fighter who bears some sort of grudge against the orc race. He is very self-confident, pugnacious, and never stops glaring. Most of these traits can, however, be attributed to his upbringing in Jishin. He’s well trained in martial arts.




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