2 links 2 check!

Hello all my wonderful viewers! Coming to you today for a few quick pieces of news.
I’ve expanded my online footprint in a ways, I suppose. Thus, I have a couple of link that you might appreciate–and I would appreciate you visiting.

First is Adventurers’ Guild on topwebcomics. If you are unfamiliar with topwebcomics, it’s a listing site for any web comic that registers, and for however many votes you get from fans, the higher up on the list your comic appears! Go to the link and vote for Adventurers’ Guild. Soon, we will climb to the top of the top!

The second link is the Adventurers’ Guild Patreon. More of you may be familiar with patreon, with which you can support whichever creators you desire with donations and pledges. I offer rewards and such for various patronage tiers, the details of which you can check out there. Go to patreon!

So, to review, topwebcomics, and patreon. I hope you’ll check them out and support your guild!