A long time coming

Hello, welcome to the grand opening of the Adventurers’ Guild website! It’s been a long time coming; those of you who have been following my work on deviantart know this all too well. For those of you new to this site, this comic, and to me… well, welcome!
This comic series means a lot to me, and I’ve already been through a lot just to get to this point. And so, I’m not about to throw out all that past effort and make it all for nothing. In short, if you stick with this series, you’re in for a long ride, because I’m sticking with it.
I first started having ideas for this comic’s story in 2007. I started uploading the original, hand-drawn version of it on deviantart and on comicgenesis, but I always knew that I wanted something more for it. And now, after 11 years, back tracking and re-doing, writing literally hundreds of pages of script, lots of stress, here we are today. Some would say that’s quite a long freakin time to prep for something, and I agree. It’s been far too long.
But, I am speaking as though we are coming to a close. That is the opposite of what this is: this is the beginning! So please join me on this quest, share with your friends or anyone you might think would be interested, and enjoy Adventurers’ Guild!