Adventurers’ Guild Fan Art Contest announcement!

It’s the first and hopefully not last Adventurers’ Guild fan art contest! Read all the details right here:

Adventurers' Guild fanart contest!  Dates: Oct 6 - Nov 6  Theme: Recreate favorite scenes (examples: Traveling across Rytland, Klaus & Myra extinguish the building fire, The fight against Razoku, Young Cedric and Kidd by the death hole) For the more imaginative of you, even scenes that are mentioned but don't actually appear in the comic qualify! (examples: Cedric training at his dojo, Aire and her people being banished from Castle city, Myra arriving in Knolton)  1st Prize: $50 2nd: $35 3rd: $15  Winners will be decided by me, Guildmaster Phill! By all means, use your own artistic style! Put your own twist on it, so long as it's recognizable as the scene you're going for.  The contest will wrap up on November 6th, right as the season finale is about to begin, so enjoy your winnings as you enjoy the grand 2-part finale of Season 1.  Feel free to post your art online and tag me on whatever platform, or email your entry directly to Be sure to clearly label your entry as such!   [simultaneously, run ads on topwebcomics and comicadnetwork]

Let me know if you have any questions! And for a non-image-file convenience, here’s that email address again: