Break Announcement

A while ago, I was talking with my sister Mary, the author/artist of the webcomic Paper Doll Veronika, about various webcomic managing stuff. In addition, I was venting about the standard time demands of being an adult, being a parent, and all such stuff. It’s frustrating when you are inspired to write or do art, but in that moment other important things demand your attention. And when those demanding moments stack up and last for pretty much the entire day, making it so the only chance I have to work on art is late into the night when I’m already mentally exhausted… you can see how I might fall behind in my comic work. Yes, I have a large buffer stock-pile of pages done ahead of upload schedule; it would have been impossible to manage this comic had I not. But now, the buffer has very much decreased from where it once stood, and the stress was mounting.

So my sister asked me a question: “Have you ever taken a break?” And I had to think about that. Apart from a time or two when an upload day was on Christmas or Christmas Eve, I had not really. I took a few weeks off after Season 1, but that amount was way less than I had vaguely planned since the allure of starting up Season 2 on the anniversary of the first upload was too powerful.

But, the stockpile remains low right now. I think you can see where this is going.

Now that we’re in-between episodes, I’ll be taking a bit of an upload break—during which I will keep working. The buffer is too important to me, and if it were ever depleted the upload schedule would instantly be thrown into chaos.

I hope you will all understand and bear with me! If you find that you cannot bare the wait, you have Mary to blame. I don’t want to give an exact return date, because I’m using the buffer zone to determine when to start uploading again… but I’ll estimate around a month.