One Year Site Anniversary

Well, here we are. This site, believe it or not, has been online for a whole year now. I personally think we’re going good, albeit not super fast. It is my goal one day to have more than 2 upload days per week, and hopefully this community will grow and flourish more too!

But yeah, one year mark. I’m not good at coming up with stuff to say just because of a benchmark, so I’ll just say this: thank you to everyone who has been following me up until now, thank you to the few of you who support me on patreon, and please keep telling your friends who might be interested. Adventurers’ Guild is a story that I know well enough; it’s been in my mind for a long enough time now. I need to get it out to more people by telling the story! The more the merrier.

But yeah, here’s to one year! There will be many more to come; because if you haven’t heard yet, this is a big ‘n beefy story.