A new book by Guildmaster Phill is out!

A bit of a different type of post now! Lots of news lately, it seems. This one doesn’t have anything much to do with Adventurers’ Guild explicitly, excepting that they share a common author.

I’m glad to announce that a new book is available for purchase online! It’s called The Eternal SpringI hope that you will buy a copy and share the good word with your friends!

The Eternal Spring is a short story about a miraculous spring of water that cannot be drained. It is presented like a children’s picture book, complete with rhyme scheme and full color illustrations. But it takes a sorrowful turn near the end. It’s all about faith in God and miracles on earth, and the conflict that faces from those without faith. It’s certainly one of my most overtly religious-themed books.

Here are various links to places you can buy the book:


[Barnes & Noble]

[Westbow Press]

Check it out if you please! Thanks for your attention.