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A Christmas Message

Hello everyone reading this! I do not know what holidays you celebrate, but personally I celebrate Christmas. Having done so, especially with the inclusion of an energetic toddler, I am very tired. No new comic tonight as I need some sleep, and for a bit of time off during the holiday. However, this is a… Read more »

New Affiliate – Paper Doll Veronika

Hello, coming to you today with a quick announcement. My sister’s brand new webcomic, Paper Doll Veronika, has just gone online! Not only that, but she included a link to Adventurers’ Guild right there in her links section, all up on day one, and she’s been promoting Adventurers’ Guild consistently over social media. So I… Read more »

I’ll be at Comic Indie Con 2019 in Houston!

You read that title right! Guildmaster Phill (that’s me) will be at Comic Indie Con in Houston, Texas! This is the first time I will be at comic convention table representing one of my own creative endeavors, so I am duly excited about this. You can read all the details about the convention on their… Read more »

Christmas Times!

Hello all, and Merry Christmas to all the dang y’all! As Christmas Eve (today) coincides with an update night, I will be taking a one-time break. The next page will be uploaded on the 27th instead. But for the time being, spend time with your friends, family, all that. And if you have neither and… Read more »

Episode 5 is all uploaded + other news

Episode 5 is all online! I hope you enjoyed; quite a few new developments happened. As some of you may have noticed, both this episode and the one before it were quite a bit longer. (about 45 pages instead of about 25) This trend will continue, I can say that for sure. With a few… Read more »

New supplementary Patreon-exclusive comic

Hello! Just a quick announcement! If you are reading this and you’re already backing me on patreon, a-thank you. But if not, you’re going to be missing out on a brand new bonus comic series, “Chibi Adventurers”! It’s Adventurers’ Guild bonus jokes and stuff reflecting the main comic. Oh, and things that happen and that… Read more »

A new book by Guildmaster Phill is out!

A bit of a different type of post now! Lots of news lately, it seems. This one doesn’t have anything much to do with Adventurers’ Guild explicitly, excepting that they share a common author. I’m glad to announce that a new book is available for purchase online! It’s called The Eternal Spring. I hope that you… Read more »

Merry Christmas to all!

Just a quick one today to say there’s no update to the comic itself. Taking the day off for that jolliest day of the year. I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas, and if not, I hope you will next year! This one’s been a bit rough, not gonna lie–met with some opposition. But hey,… Read more »

Upcoming Upload

Hello! Just want to let you know that this Friday’s update will be happening instead on Thursday! This is because I will be unavailable to upload it at the usual time, and I will continue to be unavailable to upload it throughout the weekend, so a bit early is the only option. Rejoice! But don’t… Read more »

Fan Art Contest WINNERS Announcement!

And that’s it! The fan art contest is over, the entries are in, and the winners have been decided! First of all, thank you to everyone who entered the contest! As you may know, I love seeing my characters represented in other peoples’ art styles in the form of fan art. Seeing all these entries… Read more »

Strange Christmas Schedule

Just so  everyone knows, I am travelling and such during Christmas vacation. From now until a bit after New Years, the comic uploads might be slightly off from the normal. It all depends on other things going on, access to internet, and some such thing. You know how it is! I’ll try to be as… Read more »

Missed update! + Cute paint project

Hey, so, on the last page’s description 11/15/22, I mentioned that I might not be able to upload Friday’s page. I was right! I was on a camping trip with no access to computer or internet (that was the point, you see.) I usually try to schedule these things around updates or make provisions, but… Read more »

Second Adventurers’ Guild Fanart Contest!

Adventurers’ Guild fanart contest #2! Dates: March 26th – April 30th Theme: Adventure. Draw a scene that features at least one Adventurers’ Guild character. This picture must portray a sense of adventure! Use the word as inspiration! The scene does NOT have to be canon to the comic. Feel free to draw a car trip… Read more »

Fan Art Contest Judgement event on Discord

Alright, the Fan Art contest submission period is closed, and it is almost time to announce the winners! I had been intending to do all the judging behind the scenes and announce the winners, but well, I’ve actually already finished my judging of the contest entries, but as the point distribution fell, it became pretty… Read more »

Results of the Second Fan Art Contest!

Alright! The fan art contest is OVER! My judgement has been passed, and votes have been cast for the tie, and below are the entries and results. First, thank you to everyone who entered! I loved getting the messages that a new entry was ready, and see other peoples’ take on the prompt. Let’s take… Read more »

Episode 17 done, Letters, Convention!

Episode 17, which frankly marks a turning point for the whole series into more dark and serious tones, is now complete! I hope you enjoyed. As I mentioned in the page description, if you’re liking Adventurers’ Guild so far, please consider becoming a patron. Once I reach 33 patrons, I’ll start uploading pages THREE times… Read more »

Comic Convention debrief

Alright! As some of you were aware, I had a mostly Adventurers’ Guild themed table at an indie comic convention recently! I never got around to talking about how it went in detail, as I have been very busy lately (I was going to say extraordinarily busy, but this level of business does seem to… Read more »

Mini break notice

In case you did not notice, since episode 18 is now all uploaded, I’m taking a little break. However, this break will be very short, because I’ll be starting the upload of Episode 19: Violent Instinct on January 16th. Look forward to it! I’m not going to lie, the last part of last year was… Read more »

Calling Indie Game Developers…

Hi, Guildmaster Phill here! I am currently looking for a game developer to collaborate on a project with (And yes, it is Adventurers’ Guild related.) I have little idea about how to going about finding such an individual, as I need someone whom I can trust and isn’t necessarily just looking at this as another… Read more »

In-between break + epic gamer news?

We are once again at an in-between episode break! Real life responsibilities and art blocks have been hitting me hard lately, and although I have a bit of my buffer-zone stock-pile, (I always do, this comic really couldn’t survive without it,) it is a bit smaller than I usually like. I’m working hard to build… Read more »

Big Outage and Such

So, in case it wasn’t obvious enough, I missed Friday’s page update. This was due to the fact that my area got hit on Thursday by some major storms which knocked out the power grid. As I write this, the power in my house is still out. I guess now is as good a time… Read more »