Cameo appearance discount sale!

Hello fans!
Quick blog to draw attention to something that I’ve said on social media already: I’m currently running a sale on in-comic cameos! While usually such a prize comes along with the $20 patreon tier, for the rest of June if you pledge JUST $10 on either patreon or the brand new ko-fi page, I’ll get whatever original character of yours that you want in on the adventure! Bonus points if said character already fits the adventurer class aesthetic.

And if you didn’t even know about the ability to buy your way into Adventurers’ Guild via cameo in the first place, that’s on me for not funneling you guys toward patreon enough!

This half-off sale ends July 1st, so act now, and all that stuff. Here are the links!:

To patreon:
To ko-fi:

Characters are needed for a big crowd of adventurers scene, so anyone buying in is most welcome!