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Episode 1 done!

Just thought I’d add a quick post noting the minor milestone of uploading a whole episode to this site. I hope that whoever has been reading up until this point has been having a positive experience with the story and all. It may be a bit conceited of me, but I usually like to encourage… Read more »

Episode 2 done, and STORE OPEN!

Hello! First of all, Episode 2: Overconfidence is now all online! Thanks for reading, and as always, I suggest going back and reading it through all in one sitting–in my opinion, it makes it so much better; the dialogue flows better. Also, make sure to share it with your friends if you liked it! But… Read more »

Episode 3 finished

Hello! Just a quick blog to note that we’ve reached another goal in finishing Episode 3!  As usual, I recommend going back to the start and reading it straight through, as the dialogue and action flows better when it’s not all spread out in chunks. Alright everyone, confession time. This year, 2019, was the year… Read more »

Episode 4 in the bag

Like I mentioned at the final page of episode 4, episode 4 has now concluded! (wow… what a great introductory sentence there.) This has been so far the longest and most in-depth episode so far, so I view it as a good accomplishment! (But it won’t be the last.) As always, I encourage you to… Read more »

Episode 5 is all uploaded + other news

Episode 5 is all online! I hope you enjoyed; quite a few new developments happened. As some of you may have noticed, both this episode and the one before it were quite a bit longer. (about 45 pages instead of about 25) This trend will continue, I can say that for sure. With a few… Read more »

Episode 6 is up, and another As’G Portal

You all know the drill by now! Since another episode (6) is now all online, go ahead and binge-read it from the start! [Here’s the link to do so.] If you enjoyed this more personal episode about Myra, or if you’re just liking the comic in general, please tell a friend or share it with… Read more »

Important Adventurers’ Guild Milestone!

As the title says, we’ve reached a very important Adventurers’ Guild milestone just now! And no, I’m not talking about the website being up for two years now… I missed that anniversary last month! (But give me a break–my wedding anniversary is right around that time too.) But no! The important milestone is this: I… Read more »

Episode 7 Complete!

Hello again everyone! As you can tell from the title of this blog and from the comic pages, episode 7 is now finished! As always, if you please, read the entire thing from start to finish by clicking [here], as the dialogue and action tends to flow better when it’s all together. As mentioned in… Read more »

Episode 8 done + New info page

Alright everyone, Episode 8 is all wrapped up! For those of you who like reading it all together as one in one sitting, that gate’s now open to you!: [LINK] Klaus’s now got a full party of six. No more room at the top menu for anyone else! Speaking of menus, I have totally redone… Read more »

Episode 9 down da hatch

In case it wasn’t obvious, Episode 9 is done! One of the shorter ones, yes, but one of my favorites in this season. Episode 10 starts Tuesday! This one will be a bit more… spoooooooooooky. Oh, and as par usual, here’s a link to EP09 Page01 If you want to read it all in one… Read more »

Upcoming Upload

Hello! Just want to let you know that this Friday’s update will be happening instead on Thursday! This is because I will be unavailable to upload it at the usual time, and I will continue to be unavailable to upload it throughout the weekend, so a bit early is the only option. Rejoice! But don’t… Read more »

Major Milestone Announcement!

As I have mentioned some days ago on my social media accounts, I have hit a major milestone in terms of Adventurers’ Guild production! First of all, for those of you unaware, I operate with a huge backlog stockpile buffer of comic pages to upload. Example, while I’m uploading to Episode 10 to the website,… Read more »

Cameo appearance discount sale!

Hello fans! Quick blog to draw attention to something that I’ve said on social media already: I’m currently running a sale on in-comic cameos! While usually such a prize comes along with the $20 patreon tier, for the rest of June if you pledge JUST $10 on either patreon or the brand new ko-fi page,… Read more »

Season 1 is done! Announcement!

Adventurers’ Guild Season 1 has come to a close! I want to thank each and every one of you for being here at this little momentous event, whether you’ve been with me from the start or not… I certainly appreciate you! So, now what is to come? Season 2 is just around the corner with… Read more »

Season 2 has begun!

Here we are at the 4th anniversary of the Adventurers’ Guild website going live, and the first day of Season 2! I’m excited… are you??? Generally, one season lasting four years is not smiled upon very much, but that’s just how this story is manifesting so far! I just uploaded the intro on the night… Read more »

What just happened…?

Episode 14 is done now! The title of this blogpost is in reference to the conclusion, in case you were wondering. I hope you enjoyed it so far, and are adequately stoked for part 2. Part 1 may have been kind of weird in terms of story arch and progressing and such, but it was… Read more »

Uploads resume on March 14th

Hello! I announced this on a few places online yesterday, but yes, as the title of this blog says, Adventurers’ Guild uploads will be resuming on Tuesday March 14th, midnight release as usual. (Or if you think of that as Wednesday instead, sure.) Thank you for bearing with me during this hiatus–on the production end… Read more »

Tournament wind-down

The Tournament is over, and that’s another episode for the books! I must say, doing fight scenes take way more time on my part–just making sure the continuity works–and episode 16 was full of them! I hope you enjoyed. As mentioned in the description of that last page, I will be taking a 3 week… Read more »

We need your Letters!

Community announcement! I’m bringing back a tradition from the hand-drawn comic in order to increase community involvement: Quest letters, as they are seen on the first page of any given episode, will now be hand-written. Gives it more of a personal touch. And even more so personal, the readers can participate and get a shoutout… Read more »

Notice of delay

Hello. I’ll be unable to upload a page on Tuesday, but Friday will be fine. Just a quick one upload skip. I hate to do this in the middle of such dramatic dialogue, but I have little choice. I’ll be somewhere with no access to internet at the time. See you on Friday!

Episode 17 done, Letters, Convention!

Episode 17, which frankly marks a turning point for the whole series into more dark and serious tones, is now complete! I hope you enjoyed. As I mentioned in the page description, if you’re liking Adventurers’ Guild so far, please consider becoming a patron. Once I reach 33 patrons, I’ll start uploading pages THREE times… Read more »

Mini break notice

In case you did not notice, since episode 18 is now all uploaded, I’m taking a little break. However, this break will be very short, because I’ll be starting the upload of Episode 19: Violent Instinct on January 16th. Look forward to it! I’m not going to lie, the last part of last year was… Read more »

In-between break + epic gamer news?

We are once again at an in-between episode break! Real life responsibilities and art blocks have been hitting me hard lately, and although I have a bit of my buffer-zone stock-pile, (I always do, this comic really couldn’t survive without it,) it is a bit smaller than I usually like. I’m working hard to build… Read more »