Episode 3 finished

Hello! Just a quick blog to note that we’ve reached another goal in finishing Episode 3!  As usual, I recommend going back to the start and reading it straight through, as the dialogue and action flows better when it’s not all spread out in chunks.

Alright everyone, confession time. This year, 2019, was the year that I first upgraded to a smart phone. That’s right, up until a few months ago, all through college, as I was building this comic site, I was rocking the flip phone. And I mean, I really didn’t need a smart phone for anything much, I had a flip phone for calls and text and a computer for all email and interneting.

And I mention this all because I only just recently realized how cool it is to browse through the Adventurers’ Guild archive on mobile. I love the swipe function to advance to the next panel! So yeah, if you are going to re-read episode 3 through, try it on mobile! …I mean, if you hadn’t done it already, like I hadn’t.