Episode 4 in the bag

Like I mentioned at the final page of episode 4, episode 4 has now concluded! (wow… what a great introductory sentence there.) This has been so far the longest and most in-depth episode so far, so I view it as a good accomplishment! (But it won’t be the last.)

As always, I encourage you to go back to the beginning of the episode, (convenient link here) and read it straight through for a nice, streamlined experience. I hope you enjoyed it, and will share it with all your friends and enemies! (so many parenthesis after each sentence here.)

In other news, I just finished promoting Adventurers’ Guild at Comic Indie Con in Houston, and I am quite tired. This was my first con experience promoting my own work from behind a table, and I think it went quite well! Be sure to check out my socials for a few pictures. Here’s to many more in the future!