Episode 6 is up, and another As’G Portal

You all know the drill by now! Since another episode (6) is now all online, go ahead and binge-read it from the start! [Here’s the link to do so.]

If you enjoyed this more personal episode about Myra, or if you’re just liking the comic in general, please tell a friend or share it with someone else who might enjoy it too.

There’s also some general news that some of you might already know, but Adventurers’ Guild is now also uploading on Webtoons! The format is a bit different, but it’s the same story and all. I’m uploading one page per day until it gets caught up with this site’s current archive, but I want this main site to always be like, 5 pages ahead or something. So, webtoons is only still in Episode 1 and catching up is still quite a ways off, now you know what the plan is.

And [here’s the link to Webtoons, if you’re interested.]

I realize that most of my posts, whether they’re blog or social media, are usually about links to other places. Maybe one day I’ll write about more personal things… I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just save those for my patreon blog, which you can read here-… no just kidding, ha ha.

Have a good one!