Fan Art Contest Judgement event on Discord

Alright, the Fan Art contest submission period is closed, and it is almost time to announce the winners!

I had been intending to do all the judging behind the scenes and announce the winners, but well, I’ve actually already finished my judging of the contest entries, but as the point distribution fell, it became pretty clear that we do, indeed, have a tie for first place.

Instead of randomly adding a point to one of them, I figure I would let you people, put it to a vote and decide on the ultimate winner! To do that, I will be holding a Livestream event on the Adventurers’ Guild discord server! You’ll get to see all the amazing art that was submitted, I’ll talk about my judging process, and we’ll have a vote for the tiebreaker then and there.
If you are not a Discord member yet, you can become one by following this link!: [LINK]

The stream will be Friday May 5th at 5:00pm central. Get in there if you want a vote!