Important Adventurers’ Guild Milestone!

As the title says, we’ve reached a very important Adventurers’ Guild milestone just now! And no, I’m not talking about the website being up for two years now… I missed that anniversary last month! (But give me a break–my wedding anniversary is right around that time too.)

But no! The important milestone is this: I have just uploaded the page that reaches the point in the story where the original hand-drawn comic stopped. Wait, what? Yes, all you newer fans may be surprised to learn that Adventurers’ Guild the pixel comic is actually a remake of the original comic, which was hand-drawn with pencils and uploaded on deviantart. First of all, a shoutout to all my watchers from those old days who have had to wait through years of stuff they’ve already read before to finally start getting new story content, starting this Tuesday. Thank you so much for hanging in there with me!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I have restored all the original hand-drawn pages to their original place on deviantart! If you are in fact interested, [you can see them here!] There are a few changes I made since this first edition publishing, (mainly Hachi’s death scene) and there are a select few shots that I think the original comic nailed a bit better than the sprites. (Though not the early art. It’s not great. I freaking drew that stuff when I was, what, 16 years old or something?) Enjoy looking at the original!

Moving forward, I hope you’ll all enjoy the story never seen by the internet thus far. I definitely want to insert more hand-drawn panels into the current comic, as you can see that they add more ranges of emotion to any given situation.

Well, thanks for reading! And as always, share this comic with your friends, if you please!