Major Milestone Announcement!

As I have mentioned some days ago on my social media accounts, I have hit a major milestone in terms of Adventurers’ Guild production! First of all, for those of you unaware, I operate with a huge backlog stockpile buffer of comic pages to upload. Example, while I’m uploading to Episode 10 to the website, I am working on the pages for Episode 12, with Episode 11 all finished! This buffer has been pivotal in the past for maintaining a consistent release schedule.

This is important to know for the big milestone announcement to make sense! And here it is: With the completion of Episode 13 under my belt, I have now finished with Season 1!

That’s right! From my end, season 1 is in the bag! It’s certainly been a long time coming for me, what with years of work, a reboot of the whole series, and then more years of work. I certainly feel accomplished, but I know that there’s still much much more to do!

I hope you’re enjoying Adventurers’ Guild so far. The season finale is going to be quite the wild ride—look forward to it!

And the reason I’m posting this blog later than I announced this on socials was because I was waiting for this season-1-finale-celebration-present-to-myself to heal up:

Shows how committed I am to this series, ya see. Heheheh.

Thanks for hanging in there with me! Be sure to check back on this blog in about a week for another big announcement. *winky face*