New Affiliate – Paper Doll Veronika

Hello, coming to you today with a quick announcement. My sister’s brand new webcomic, Paper Doll Veronika, has just gone online! Not only that, but she included a link to Adventurers’ Guild right there in her links section, all up on day one, and she’s been promoting Adventurers’ Guild consistently over social media. So I figure a quick shout-out is the least I could do to perhaps boost her initial momentum.

Not only that, but she apparently started getting ideas for this based on a comment I said to her about creating sprite comics? I didn’t even realize it myself.

So, this technically is a sprite comic, but using traditional methods as opposed to digital. Like a paper doll. Or a Monty Python animation. However you want to think of it. The style looks very unique, and she doesn’t waste time in getting into to main conflict. And if you like the look and flow of how Adventurers’ Guild handles panels/pages, you’ll feel right at home on her site too.

But enough from me–check out the link here!: Paper Doll Veronika

Good luck and work hard, sister!