Season 1 is done! Announcement!

Adventurers’ Guild Season 1 has come to a close! I want to thank each and every one of you for being here at this little momentous event, whether you’ve been with me from the start or not… I certainly appreciate you!

So, now what is to come? Season 2 is just around the corner with all new quests and adventures, of course, but I will be taking a bit of time off from uploading. Not too long; just a few weeks! Uploading will resume on August 12th, the anniversary of the website going live. Isn’t that a convenient coincidence!

Now is a good chance to read the entire finale (Episodes 12 & 13) as one cohesive unit, or to get caught up if you’re behind. It’s also a good opportunity to start reading the comic at the beginning, so prompt your friends who might like it, if you please!

Well, I’m going to enjoy my short break here. Season 2 is coming up quick, and be warned: it’s going to keep following the trend set by the Season 1 finale and start getting… darker.

See you later, and thanks for your ongoing support and readership!