Season 2 has begun!

Here we are at the 4th anniversary of the Adventurers’ Guild website going live, and the first day of Season 2! I’m excited… are you??? Generally, one season lasting four years is not smiled upon very much, but that’s just how this story is manifesting so far!

I just uploaded the intro on the night of the 12th, and the first page of episode 14 will go up on the 16th. Updates thereafter will resume as normal, with a page going up every Tuesday and Friday night.

I might point out that if at any point this upload schedule does not feel adequate, and you don’t want the next season to dragon on for another four full years, there is in fact a way you can influence this and make it faster! One of my goals on patreon is, in fact, add an additional weekly upload day. So if you want 3 uploads per week instead of 2, head on over to patreon and sign your name up. Link [HERE]

But I’m not just here to beg, I’m here to rally in season 2. So yeah, sound off in the comments, and let me know if you have any wild and so-far-baseless predictions on what’s to come in this season! Happy reading!