Second Adventurers’ Guild Fanart Contest!

Adventurers’ Guild fanart contest #2!

Dates: March 26th – April 30th

Theme: Adventure. Draw a scene that features at least one Adventurers’ Guild character. This picture must portray a sense of adventure! Use the word as inspiration!

The scene does NOT have to be canon to the comic. Feel free to draw a car trip road adventure, or a voyage to the depths of outer space! Or stick with the fantasy setting—it simply needs to be adventurous.

1st Prize: $50

2nd: $35

3rd: $15

Winners will be decided by me, Guildmaster Phill! They will be judged on: Artistic Skill, Originality, Source Accuracy, Style, and Bonus.

By all means, use your own artistic style! Put your own twist on it, so long as it’s recognizable.

This contest is to celebrate the return of Adventurers’ Guild after it brief hiatus. The deadline is April 30th.

Feel free to post your art online and tag me on twitter, deviant art, instagram, discord, or email your entry directly to

Be sure to clearly label your entry as such. Just be sure to contact me so that I know you intend to enter the contest!