What just happened…?

Episode 14 is done now! The title of this blogpost is in reference to the conclusion, in case you were wondering.

I hope you enjoyed it so far, and are adequately stoked for part 2. Part 1 may have been kind of weird in terms of story arch and progressing and such, but it was just part 1. Unanswered questions shall be addressed forthwith!

Just wanted to say that you should feel free to comment anywhere on any page. I certainly read all the comments I receive on here, and definitely try to reply to most of them. You like something? Comment! You don’t like something? Comment! If you see something? Say something! (I always thought that was a very stupid and vague PSA, but now I understand just what they were getting at. Farming for comments, yes.)

Episode 15 starts Tuesday night. Have a great weekend!