Episode 17 done, Letters, Convention!

Episode 17, which frankly marks a turning point for the whole series into more dark and serious tones, is now complete! I hope you enjoyed.

As I mentioned in the page description, if you’re liking Adventurers’ Guild so far, please consider becoming a patron. Once I reach 33 patrons, I’ll start uploading pages THREE times per week. That’s the current goal! Follow this link if you’re interested: [LINK]

Otherwise, keep telling your friends and sharing Adventurers’ Guild around the internet!

My in-between episode break this time won’t be too long. I’ll resume uploading on November 14th. Things have been very busy for me lately, and I’m looking forward to Christmas break a lot.

Episode 18 will mark another turning point: I’m bringing back a very old tradition of audience participation in the for of hand-written submissions for the quest letters! If you are interested in trying your hand at this upcoming episode’s letter, I need someone with quick-but-not-messy handwriting. Comment below, and I’ll send you the sample. Then, I’ll pick my favorite from what I collect for the day of the upload. Good luck!

One more piece of news: I’ll be representing Adventurers’ Guild at Comic Indie Con in Houston Texas! This is going to be on December 2nd, starting at 10:00am. Come and visit me if you’re able! I’ll be mentioning this event more in the time to come, but there are the minimum details for you.