Episode 5 is all uploaded + other news

Episode 5 is all online! I hope you enjoyed; quite a few new developments happened. As some of you may have noticed, both this episode and the one before it were quite a bit longer. (about 45 pages instead of about 25) This trend will continue, I can say that for sure. With a few exceptions, episodes will stay about this length or longer.

As always, feel free to go back to the start of EP05 and read it all together–you get a sort of different and more cohesive experience that way, in my opinion!

In other news, Comic Tea Party on Twitter and Discord is doing a book club-style review of Adventurers’ Guild this week, and I for one love to see all the new analytical comments and opinions being posted there! Sure it’s good to get a bit more attention, but I really like what Comic Tea Party is doing in encouraging the readership of webcomics–a platform that tends to get overshadowed by other entertainment media. If you’re on either platform, I encourage you to check out Comic Tea Party.

I hope you’re doing fine, and I’ll see you in the next episode, starting Friday night!