In-between break + epic gamer news?

We are once again at an in-between episode break! Real life responsibilities and art blocks have been hitting me hard lately, and although I have a bit of my buffer-zone stock-pile, (I always do, this comic really couldn’t survive without it,) it is a bit smaller than I usually like. I’m working hard to build it up again. My current estimate is that Episode 20: Evil Spirit will begin toward the end of April, maybe the 26th or so.

No need for a letter hand-writer volunteer this time! I had it done ahead of time.

Another brief announcement which you may be able to infer if you saw the previous blog post… and that’s that I’m working on an Adventurers’ Guild themed video game. Yes, my childhood dream of making a video game is coming to fruition! There’s really no substance to it yet, all I’ll say at this point is that I found someone to help with the programming. A big step in my eyes, though, since I’m trash at coding! I will keep you informed about how this game is progressing–another reason to look out for blog posts.

I will also say that no, it’s not a massive RPG, despite what the feel of the comic would lead you to believe. We can all keep on dreaming for that day, maybe.

One last thing, to all of you who have been voting for Adventurers’ Guild on Topwebcomics this past month, I certainly appreciate it! I now have a pretty good idea of where we stand, and we’ve settled pretty sure and well around #210 or so. Not bad considering the scope of that site’s archived titles! You guys are the best.

Thanks for your continued attention! Talk to you later.