Upcoming Upload


Just want to let you know that this Friday’s update will be happening instead on Thursday! This is because I will be unavailable to upload it at the usual time, and I will continue to be unavailable to upload it throughout the weekend, so a bit early is the only option.

Rejoice! But don’t get to excited because it’s one of the shortest pages I’ve made in a very long time.

But DO get excited because it’s the final page of Episode 10!

In other news, is there anyone out there reading this who’s an active member of TvTropes? A long-ago fan graciously made an entry for Adventurers’ Guild on that site back in the DA days, but it is quite outdated now. I’d appreciate if someone with knowledge of the proper and usual tropes for that site could go in there and clean it up! Comment below if you want to help, and I’ll get you the link.

Take care!