New Affiliate – Paper Doll Veronika

Hello, coming to you today with a quick announcement. My sister’s brand new webcomic, Paper Doll Veronika, has just gone online! Not only that, but she included a link to Adventurers’ Guild right there in her links section, all up on day one, and she’s been promoting Adventurers’ Guild consistently over social media. So I… Read more »

Episode 3 finished

Hello! Just a quick blog to note that we’ve reached another goal in finishing Episode 3!  As usual, I recommend going back to the start and reading it straight through, as the dialogue and action flows better when it’s not all spread out in chunks. Alright everyone, confession time. This year, 2019, was the year… Read more »

2 links 2 check!

Hello all my wonderful viewers! Coming to you today for a few quick pieces of news. I’ve expanded my online footprint in a ways, I suppose. Thus, I have a couple of link that you might appreciate–and I would appreciate you visiting. First is Adventurers’ Guild on topwebcomics. If you are unfamiliar with topwebcomics, it’s… Read more »

Some site updates

Hello, just a quick update to inform you of a few new features on the site, because of an update. The biggest one is that there is now an individual comment section for each comic page! This is something that I’ve heard a few requests over, and was more tricky to implement than I thought…. Read more »

Episode 2 done, and STORE OPEN!

Hello! First of all, Episode 2: Overconfidence is now all online! Thanks for reading, and as always, I suggest going back and reading it through all in one sitting–in my opinion, it makes it so much better; the dialogue flows better. Also, make sure to share it with your friends if you liked it! But… Read more »

A Christmas Message

Hello everyone reading this! I do not know what holidays you celebrate, but personally I celebrate Christmas. Having done so, especially with the inclusion of an energetic toddler, I am very tired. No new comic tonight as I need some sleep, and for a bit of time off during the holiday. However, this is a… Read more »

Episode 1 done!

Just thought I’d add a quick post noting the minor milestone of uploading a whole episode to this site. I hope that whoever has been reading up until this point has been having a positive experience with the story and all. It may be a bit conceited of me, but I usually like to encourage… Read more »

Update Schedule

Hello everyone! I hope you’re enjoying yourself so far. As some of you may be wondering, I do have a set update schedule for updates on this site. As of now, I’ll be uploading new pages on Tuseday and Friday nights, around midnight Central Time. So if you’re a night owl like me, enjoy your… Read more »

A long time coming

Hello, welcome to the grand opening of the Adventurers’ Guild website! It’s been a long time coming; those of you who have been following my work on deviantart know this all too well. For those of you new to this site, this comic, and to me… well, welcome! This comic series means a lot to… Read more »

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